The Dazheng Hall

The Dazheng Hall is part of The Shenyang Imperial Palace, built in 1625, after the Forbidden City in Beijing, it is the largest Palace complex in China. It was in this hall 1644 that Shunzhi was crowned the first Qing Emperor of China. Dazheng Hall was mainly used for grand ceremonies like the Emperor’s enthroning, imperial edict issuing and welcoming the return of triumphant troops. The hall faces a large open space, flanked by the eight flag pavilions of the army commanders and the Emperor would stand at the top of the steps, flanked by two sinuous golden dragons, while his army knelt before him. .Architecturally, the Dazheng Hall is simply a pavilion, but is large in size and gorgeously decorated.

Dazheng Palace, China

The Dazheng Hall by John Bangay.