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Over a forty year period I have been teaching myself and developing my own drawing techniques, using traditional drawing pens and colouring materials, together with perspective processes, which allow me to reveal the magnificence of these buildings, otherwise hidden by surrounding architecture. My favourite subject matter has always been Cathedrals, Castles, Windmills and Stately Homes a fascination based on my love of history, architecture and archaeology.

I have always tried to represent the detail of the building as accurately as possible, while still giving it a feeling of historical romance in each picture, drawing or watercolour. I research the history of each building and sometimes study specialist buildings, such as windmills, so that the drawings accurately record the technicalities of each individual mill.


Sketching In Lincoln

In this film you can see me sitting in the place where my artistic career began, Castle Square, Lincoln, sketching Lincoln Cathedral. I am using my favourite Gillott drawing pens and explaining some of the drawing techniques I have developed. For instance, I use a small card taper which you will see me dipping in the ink pot to make sure that I have the right level of ink for the pen.

I also explain about some of the artists who have inspired me and some of their pictures and what I have learnt from studying their work

This film was made over the period of one long afternoon and you can see the drawing progressing, scene by scene, My cathedral drawings are now mostly completed back in the studio where I can have more time to record all the varied details to be found in the great cathedrals.

Many of these drawings can be purchased in personally signed print and stationery styles from the gift shop associated with the building itself or directly from the website.

Gillott pens box front Gillott Pens Box back

I’m pleased to recommend Gillott Mapping Pens which I have found most suitable for my work. I especially recommend the 659 nib as the most flexible and sensitive for detailed drawing work.

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